Spin the Wheel and Place Your Bet

real money online rouletteBefore entering the exciting world of real money online roulette, there are several things you need to know about the game and the online casinos you are playing in. There are several different variations of online roulette, including American, European, Multiball and Multi Wheel roulette, but let us first review the basic rules of the game. Understanding the wheel and the roulette board, are two important factors in playing a successful game. There are 38 numbers on the wheel; 1 through 36, a single 0 and a double 00. These are not listed consecutively, but alternate from red to black, except the single and double 0’s, which are green. The only difference in European Roulette is that the double 00 is absent, leaving us with only 37 numbers.

The numbers on the wheel are repeated on the board, but these are in sequential order, from left to right, separated into 3 columns. There are two specific types of betting; inside and outside. Outside betting is suggested for beginners because there is basically a 50/50 chance of walking away with chips. Betting on red/black or odds/evens are prime examples of outside betting. Inside betting requires betting on specific numbers or a series of numbers. If you are looking for smaller payouts with better chances of a win at real money online roulette, instead of betting on one number, you may want to bet on groups of numbers. Examples of this are betting on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd dozen, any of the 3 columns, or the 1st 18 or 2nd 18 set of numbers on the board. There are also corner bets; betting on a four number block, split bets; betting on 2 numbers, one on top of another, and street bets; 3 numbers in a row starting with the left column number, to name a few.

Advantages of Playing Real Money Online Roulette

real money online roulette advantagesThere are several advantages to playing real money online roulette. Online casinos such as Silver Oak and Uptown Aces, offer welcome bonuses with the bonus codes provided, deposit bonuses and wager bonuses. They also provide players with comp points. Every dollar wagered gives you a certain amount of comp points depending on the game you’re playing. 100 points equals a dollar, real money. The great thing about comp points in online casinos is that they are tracked, unlike live casinos where you must present your loyalty card. There is no chance of losing track of how many points you have earned. There are several additional advantages to real money online roulette such as convenience, choosing your own stakes (can be as little as $1), no crowds, and setting your own pace. As far as withdrawing and depositing money, these casinos provide safe and secure systems such as PayPal, click2pay and Skrill to allow you to place your bets and collect your earnings safely.

Fair Play and Safety While Playing Online Roulette for Real Money

real money online roulette safetyOnline casinos, like Uptown Aces and Silver Oak make it safe and fair, to play games like online roulette. They use a random number generator that produces a sequence of random numbers that controls every outcome of every game. These generators are tested in hundreds of millions of trial runs, then evaluated and approved by third party companies. The RNG software ensures that each spin of the wheel is completely independent of the previous spin. These online casinos are licensed and legal, and can be played in any of the U.S. states. Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware run their own sites however. Encryption technology protects players’ data, banking information and transactions so it is safe for gamblers to enjoy the rewards and excitement of a real money online roulette game in the comfort of their own homes or on their mobile devices.